I am a Jewelry artisan with an online store at Etsy, the place for handmades.  www.birdicatt.etsy.com. I also sell online on ebay under the ebay id: 09susiek as well as other online as well as physical store outlets.

I work with a variety of materials in traditional, industrial and steam punk styles. I create and craft handmade chokers, necklaces,  charm bracelets, handbag accessories, key chains, book marks and cuff links.

I am into dark fantasy and goth and enjoy science fiction and fantasy books and movies. Love Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Twilight series etc. I also enjoy animes and mangas and love yaoi.  My other passion, other then my family, hubby, daughter and two cats and a bird,   is visual kei/j-rock music.  I absolutely love j-rock band BUCK TICK and the gorgeous Atsushi Sakurai. I am a Fish Tanker at Buck Tick’s Fish Tank Fan Club.

To me and my hubby, there is no band like BUCK TICK, nor is there a vocalist with the incredible, rich and distinctive baritone of Atsushi Sakurai, nor the musical composition and chops of Imai Hishashi, lead guitarist and primary composer, Hidehiko Hoshino, 2nd Guitar and composer as well as Yutaka Higuchi, Bass Guitar and Toll Yagami, Drums.

Other visual kei/rock bands  and musicans I also like include Mucc, Merry, Versailles (now re-formed as Jupiter minus Kamijo), Himuro Kyosuke (formerly Boowy) and Yoshii Kazuya (formerly, The Yellow Monkey) and Ken Morioka (formerly Soft Ballet). I also listen to Gackt, Kishidan, Alice Nine and Acid Black Cherry

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