Romance and Bruno Mars…..a charm bracelet!


I have been working on commissions lately, so haven’t had much time to add new pieces to The Bird & I Crafts Store . So decided I would share one of the finished commissioned pieces instead.

For a fan of Bruno Mars…… handmade glass cabochons and picture frame charms and cultured  fresh water pearls and glass beads charm bracelet……

I didn’t know anything about Bruno Mars but did a Wiki and You Tube crash course on him….he is certainly talented and pretty good looking!


Here comes Tonto and the Lone Ranger… Jewelry art….


Well, I was commissioned to make a “Lone Ranger ” themed bracelet and just completed it. However since I was making one, I decided to make a 2nd one at the same time… this is an alternate version to the commissioned piece.

I did have fun making both bracelets……and Johnny Depp as Tonto just makes me laugh…seems to me, he is reprising his Captain Jack Sparrow persona, albeit in a different scenario……can’t wait to actually see the film when it opens……

Spring and I do Rabbits too….

This being Spring, I do rabbits too…..

.925k sterling silver French fish hook earrings with resin rabbit charms…….???????????????????????????????

Or maybe I should just go and get a rabbit as a pet!???????????????????????????????

.925k sterling silver French Fish hook, sterling silver bow connector,  hand painted ceramic rabbit beads, threaded through with decorative headpins…..