Yeah! FT only Cosmic Dreamer tour performance live DVD out for pre-order


Fish Tank (Buck Tick fan club) just sent out email this morning that the Fish Tanker’s only Live DVD performance on March 2, 2013 at Tokyo Dome, City Hall is out for pre-order starting today

Yeah and I went to put in my order. Only thing is I must say Bing translator sucks and I am not sure what I ordered. I only know I definitely ordered something! Hope its the edition I wanted!
The live DVD comes in regular edition, blu ray edition as well as I think special blu ray limited edition with live CDs . The special edition was what I wanted but heh, I am not too sure if I figured that out entirely. But I went by the most expensive option, so that’s gotta be it! (I may pinch and scrape with other purchases but I sure spend big on BUCK TICK!) Anyway, I am keeping fingers crossed that was what I pre-ordered!

Oh and one more thing, FT live DVDs are only available for purchase by FT members. If you want to join FISH TANK go to Sherry’s BUCK TICK Facebook page where I contributed the note on How to Join Fish Tank online