To Blog or Not to Blog, that is the Question?

That’s the million dollar question …to blog or not to blog? I have to admit I have lost interest in my blog mainly I guess because the  reasons i started on wordpress no longer applies.

I am from a generation which still treats social media with  innate suspicion and wariness. And to be truthful would never have started on the social media bandwagon if not pushed to do so when Etsy, the online marketplace I sell at, actively prodded Etsy Sellers to do so.

I started with Facebook but didn’t really feel comfortable using it as i didn’t want half baked posts inadvertently sent out to a gadzillion no of people. WordPress offered a safer platform then Facebook,  as it let’s one preview one’s post first so I went the WordPress route, using WordPress to post to my Facebook page.

Now though I am more conversant with Facebook and no longer need wordpress to make me feel ‘safe”. I can reach my clientele through Facebook or Etsy Follows. And any fashion interests I have, I can also share directly from there,

Next, the things I wanted to share on wordpress such as my interests in Buck Tick , j-rock band or anime again has also been met. I am now one of the admins for WonderUndergound-Buck Tick Unofficial USA Street Team and have served in that capacity for the last year and that page is more then sufficient to offer me an outlet for my interests and to chat with people of like interests.

In addition, I also found that majority of my anime “interest” friends are from my generation  and these ones happened to have the same wary attitude towards social media. So far, despite my urging, they have chosen to communicate via email or in one case snail mail only!

So now, I am faced with the million dollar question… I let this blog die a natural death, or is there a point in continuing? Especially as I am too private an individual and am not someone who likes to share their thoughts and very rarely write an actual post.  I mostly share photos and oneliners anyway. Besides, I think I have had enough of prose to last me the rest of my life, considering i was an art curator and critic; writing obscure esoteric essays on art for decades.

At this point, I wonder what keeps other bloggers going? What is the motivation for those who do not use the blog for marketing purposes. Does blogging provide a sense of personal satisfaction? What is the reason behind your drive?

The morning after: The trash-ridden aftermath of the iPhone 6 release in Hong Kong

Wow..this is the aftermath of the Apple Iphone 6 craze?? Over here in Medicine Hat, the Apple launch only attracted a few people at our local store!!



The insane queues for the release of Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus were reported by media outlets around the world, but what fewer of them have picked up on is the aftermath of the hype, and what was left behind once Apple fans had got their mitts on the latest slinky gadgets.

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Tokyo’s Haneda Airport becomes fourth airport in the world to be awarded coveted 5-Star rating

Haneda Airport in Tokyo, Japan.


2014.09.21 haneda

If you’ve ever visited Japan, chances are pretty high that you’ve been through Narita International Airport (and perhaps even been lucky enough to sample the perfect beer served there), no doubt thinking that you were flying to directly into Tokyo only to discover that you were still an hour train ride away from the city. The smaller Tokyo International Airport, commonly called Haneda, is, however, actually located within the city, but has until recently been considered Tokyo’s main domestic airport.

But all that’s about to change. As well as increasing the number of destinations it serves, Haneda has been improving its facilities and significantly upping its game in an effort to become more of an international hub. In fact, it was recently awarded the coveted 5-Star award from the ratings company Skytrax, making it the first airport in Japan and only the fourth in the world with that title.

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The ultimate in kawaii cookware — Mickey and friends turn themselves into adorable pots!

Awww! So Cute!!!


disney-1 のコピー

Here in Japan, we love hot pots, or nabe, especially during the cold winter months. Nabe can be cooked using a wide range of ingredients, from delicate seafood like pufferfish (fugu) to succulent wagyu beef, and they’re often served with plenty of vegetables too, so the dishes are filling and relatively healthy as well.

Now, these hot pots are usually all about savoring the various ingredients, but a reporter from our sister site Pouch found some nabe pots that are so adorable that just looking at them is bound to put a smile on your face. Yes, our favorite friends from Disney have turned themselves into pots for our dining and viewing pleasure! Even if you’re not a die-hard Disney fan, these pots are guaranteed to add some extra fun to your meal.

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