Fall and time for Tim Burton Inspired jewelry


I’ve always enjoyed Tim Burton’s imaginative story telling and Halloween brings out the desire to do themed jewelry pieces after Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas, Edward Scissorshand, Corpse Bride and Alice in Wonderland movies.

Three of out Five of these pieces featured in the photos have sold before I could share them here but I do plan to make different variations once I am back from vacation. So, what the heck, I am still sharing the photos of these bracelets! 😀




Fall Bracelets….fall colours, time for rich gold tones



I thought it was about time to feature Fall themed bracelets for this year and made these series of Harvest bracelets. I don’t often do gold tones as my personal preference has always been for silvers. blacks and reds, but if any season lends itself to gold tones, then it is the celebratory period of Thanksgiving ad Christmas.



My dreamt of Autograph- Atsushi Sakurai and Imai Hisashi, Buck Tick


Ever since I discovered Buck Tick, J-rock band through their Opening theme song, “Dress” on Trinity Blood anime, one of the two dreams I have pertaining to the band was to see them perform live and the other, was to have an autograph from the band, especially from my favourite band member, Atsushi Sakurai. Considering that this band never seems to leave the shores of their homeland of Japan, the chances of acquiring an autograph was near on nil for someone like me who is in North America.

However recently through the assistance of Cayce of Blog-Tick/Notthegreatest site, I was able to acquire this autograph with Atsushi Sakurai and Imai Hisashi’s signatures on an autograph board from their early days at their Victor Label.

This piece of BT memorabilia will be very much treasured and I look forward to the day when the second half of my dream to see BT live can be realised.

Meanwhile, do check out Cayce’s Shopping site at http://notgreatestsite.net/

Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler anime inspired jewelry


Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler is an anime series I enjoyed as  I have always enjoyed fantasy, especially dark fantasy and this series has enough elements of dark fantasy for me to like….a boy Ciel Phantomhive, who  formed a pact with a demon, Sebastian Michaelis for the demon’s aid during his lifetime to complete his tasks as well as to pursue the mystery of his family’s death, in return for his soul on completion of his quest.
This anime has both the dark elements, the drama as well as the comedic elements that makes it a compelling storyline for me to follow.

As a result, I decided to theme a series of two bracelets after the series. One of the bracelets sold before I could share the pictures but I well, I am going to share the photos of both the bracelets anyway. 🙂