Happy Halloween! With my Favourite Vampire, Atsushi Sakurai of Buck Tick

13thFlrwDiana213FlrWDianaBuck Tick 13th Flrcropped-atsushi-sakuraib.jpg

What could be more appropriate on Halloween then 13th Floor with Diana?  Also especially from the music video “Romance”? A dark romance between a vampire and a mortal woman…..

In honour of this music video, I made this piece of jewelry….. a pendant with the image of Sakurai and a bottle of “vampire blood” which I will end up wearing tonight!

Copy of atsushiDropBloodProjec2t


Happy Halloween Everyone!

Buck Tick-The Countdown ends with DVD/Blu-Ray Release Annoucement

Buck Tick 2013

Awesome new photo shared by BUCK TICK on the announcement of the release date, 22nd Jan 2014 for the BUCK TICK-Phenomenon movies on DVD and Blu-ray last night (for those of us in North America 🙂 )

BT has been teasing fans with this countdown using lyrics from Shipuu no Blade Runner and finally its here! The Big announcement!

Special Limited Edition Boxed DVD sets  as well as new Singles Release was in the announcement

The new Singles release features the songs in the BT movies,

Track 1.Love Parade

Track 2. Steppers Parade

plus bonus materials for Limited Edition.

See the details and preview here at BT’s Official Movie site


Of course, being a huge BT fan, I dutifully went to send BT my hard earned money and pre-ordered these goodies! 😀

By the way, I can’t resist adding this photo shoot from 13t Floor  with Diana….the pose of the new BT photo sure is reminiscent of this one…..don’t you think??

Buck Tick 13th Flr



Who’s got a Shoe Fetish? Real neat shoes!


Sergio Rossi Shoes

ShoesReneCaovillaRene Caovilla shoes


Jimmy Choo Boots


Jason Wu Shoes

ShoesDolceGabanaBuckleDolce & Gabana Buckle Shoes


I am normally not into Shoes but these designer shoes sure caught my eye! They are pretty neat, don’t you think? Maybe Sergio Rossi will become my favourite shoe designer :-D, that is if I could wear them or even afford designer prices for these footwear!

All these fabulous foot wear is available from MYHABIT




Custom Orders and I made a few extras….Junjou Romantica inspired


Went to Vermont on vacation and when I came back, I had to play catch up on orders. Here’s one of the custom orders I took on to work with.

Junjou romantic themed earrings. I enjoy yaoi and Junjou Romantica was a manga/anime series I enjoyed, When I was asked if I would do these custom orders, I couldn’t say no though it took me and client a while to be on the same page! This client wanted the cute animals that was in the manga/anime series rather then the 3 main couples in the series.

It took a bit of convo for me to understand what she wanted but in the end, I hope she will be happy with her order!

Also, since I was working on them, I made extras for the store.  Who knows maybe someone else may like them. They are variations on the same theme and are not exactly alike, for that after all is the beauty of handmade.


Cool Halloween Accessories


Make up, pinkquartzminerals  Etsy store


kaitlinscreationarts, nail art, Etsy store


Mask, TomBanwell, Etsy Store


Butterfly Mask, TomBanwell, Etsy store


Bangle, MafiaStudio, Etsy Store


Mask, ElagantxBoutique, Etsy Store

A taste of the elaborate, of the macabre, the unusual, is what make this an interesting showcase to me.  Time some Halloween fun!