Going Cats!

So, how do you know you are going Cats? You have an inkling  when you are spend the first night in your new home sleeping on the floor with only a blanket whilst your kitties spend theirs in comfort on their new cat tree. You wake up the next morning feeling every aching bone while your kitties are all bright eyed and bushy tailed waiting impatiently for their breakfast.

So, why are you sleeping on the floor? Well, you didn’t get time to unload your mattress because you spent that time getting a cat tree instead.

If that is not indication enough that one is going cats, how about realising that the first store you ever visited in your new town was Pet Smart. You find that not only did you  travel with a menagerie  when you relocated from Ontario to Alberta but you find out that your first order of business directly after you  have unloaded enough stuff from the UHaul truck  to have space, was to locate the local Pet Smart and buy a cat tree for the kitties.

Though there are plenty of signs as to who rule the household already when you realise that you spent an hour  at Pet Smart deciding on a Cat tree compared to the 1/2 hour it took you to decide on the apartment that was to be your new home……besides what you looked for in your new apartment was whether the bathroom was large enough to house the kitty litter box and where would the food and water bowls for the kitties go…..

Then of course, you had to purchase the cat tree which was NOT ON SALE because it was bigger, had 4 tiers compared to the one which was ON SALE which had only 2 tiers.

The next day after you had finally finished unloading all your stuff, you went back to Pet Smart for a 2nd Cat tree, for one piece of cat furniture just isn’t enough for your  kitties while on the otherhand you and your family make do with one armchair because that was the only chair you could bring along in your moving truck.

Then after all that, you find that your kitties much prefer sleeping on your one armchair and you end up sitting on the floor. That’s the time when that realisation finally hits, you are a definitely OWNED by your Cats!