Completed K-drama “Love from Another Star” themed bracelet






This was a Custom Order for a client. Just completed it and it will be shipped off later this week.  This one is themed after “Love from Another Star”, a current k-drama.

I have not heard of this show before this custom order but I had a lot of fun “researching” this theme to flesh out the order. I was basically introduced to k-dramas by a friend and now further hooked into k-drama by my jewelry clients.

I have to say, I am really enjoying this. This particular k-drama “Love from Another Star” is about an alien stuck on earth for 400 years and falling in love with a human girl. Its a romantic comedy. Its available at

I do recommend this for some light entertainment!


Sharing photos of Completed Custom Orders-The Bird & I




Custom order for a charm bracelet themed after “The Labyrinth”. I had a ball with this one..I think David Bowie for one made for a real delicious villain and the creative genius of George Lucas and Jim Henson does make this a movie a wonderful cult classic.

I also made this, a Star Trek themed charm bracelet……

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I had been a Trekkie for a lot of my growing years and do own the whole Star Trek Collection of books from the original series to many of the ones from Star Trek-The Next Generation too. So I didn’t have a problem getting into gear working on this project.


My latest Acquisitions-Buck Tick movie and Single, Love/Steppers Parade



After a long couple of months waiting, I finally get to enjoy my latest acquisitions

Buck Tick The Movie-Buck Tick Phenomenon

Blu Ray Collectior’s Box, a triple disc set  in a  beautiful velvet bound box with some extras, like a set of beautiful two sided photo cards and a colour post card.

Also the latest B-T single, Buck Tick-Love Parade/Steppers Parade Limited Edition, 2 disc set with the bonus footage from the Live Concert at Tokyo Dome City Hall. I also got a Calender Poster with my order

Sort of nice to get all those little extras! 😀

The B-T movie and single are still available at HMV Japan, CD Japan and B-T webshop carries the BT movie too.