▶ Just came across this band…Vaniru

▶ VANIRU – 柘榴 ZAKURO ~Band Ver.~【Music video】 – YouTube.

Wow…just came across this band and boy, the singer Leoneil is very reminiscent of Atsushi Sakurai of Buck Tick! The setting for the music video is also incredibly alike to BT’s 13th Floor with Diana….

I will definitely watch and follow how this new band develops……

If this isn’t Sexy, I don’t know what is….Kimi no Vanilla-Buck Tick-Yumemiru Uchu Tour

Kimi no Vanilla from Buck Tick Yumemiru Uchu Tour…..if this isn’t sexy, I surely don’t know what is! 😀

Again, this was a clip I saved.

I don’t think I have seen this song in a live performance DVD since Devil & Freud concert back in 2004. I don’t think Buck Tick performs this song often.  I am guessing  Buck Tick did this song as a fan service this time and I am real happy to see it here!

At the same time, I am sharing photo of the other Buck Tick Handbag Accessory I did with one of the other BT guitar picks I bought from BT webshop. This time it will grace my tote bag.


Again, I very carefully, drilled a hole through the BT guitar pick and threaded a jump ring through it. Then added my handmade photo charms, photo paper, paper glaze, Tibetan silver picture frame, glass cabochon, black metal cab base, jewelry glue.

I love Dori Hartley’s fan picture of Atsushi Sakurai and once again used a variation of her artwork here. Thank you Dori for sharing your work. Check out her works at dorihartley.com

I again used a miniaturized BT movie poster and this time I also made a large glass cabochon photo charm of another fan art piece. Sad to say, I again did not have the presence of mind to note the name of the artist when I saved it to my files. This was a piece of fan art shared on facebook…..I can’t make out the signature…..looks like “Heog” but I am not sure.

Again,  to the artist, thank you for sharing your art. I hope you do not mind that I have used your work in making an accessory for myself.  I applaud your imagination :-D, depicting the beautiful Sakurai-san in this super sexy pose 😉 …..especially with the unbuttoned shirt, something the real Sakurai-san sadly, never does……

The rest of the charms included a  really nice 3-d headphone , a microphone and alphabet charms spelling out BT.

My handmade Buck Tick accessory and Shopping Service at Blog Tick Phenomenon


I LOVE LOVE Buck Tick, especially the gorgeous Atsushi Sakurai and I think anyone who ever visits this site or my Etsy store or Facebook page is bound to know this, considering I am hitting you over the head with it! 😀

I didn’t find anything I really wanted through Buck Tick webshop , so being someone who does jewelry, I just had to make my own BT handbag accessory as I do like to dress up my handbags.

I bought genuine BT guitar picks from BT webshop, drilled a hole into one of them, very carefully, lightly sanded the edges of the hole with a pedicure wand, then  outfitted it with a jump ring and then made the rest of my charms around it. I made a glass cabochon charm of my favourite photo of Atsushi Sakurai, then a fan art picture of Atsushi as well as a miniaturized version of the BT movie poster, both of which I have miniaturized and inserted into a Tibetan silver picture frame and sealed under layers of paper glaze, a heart locket of more photos, again sealed with mylar and paper glaze, as well as  appropriate charms to represent Atsushi Sakurai and Buck Tick.

To the artist who made that fan art of Atsushi Sakurai, “Thank You”. I love your art and you captured him perfectly. I don’t know who you are as I found your work through the yahoo images and saved that picture in my files a long whiles ago. I hope you do not mind that I have made your art work into an accessory for myself.

I plan to make a few more of these handbag accessories with the rest of the guitar picks to dress up my other bags! I chose the Razzle Dazzle series of guitar picks as I think they translate best into accessories.

Now, since I don’t want to bombard people who happen to just tolerate my fan girly fascination with BT, I am also attaching information about the new Shopping Service offered by Cayce of Blog-Tick Phenomenon/NottheGreatestSite in this post.

For a small commission, Cayce who is in Tokyo is willing to help fans of BT lookout for the BT item you are not able to find online and purchase it on your behalf and send it off to you.

Cayce also offers BT ticket help as well as shopping for other items such as manga, animes, etc.

Check out her new Shopping Service at http://notgreatestsite.net/

I, myself have made use of Cayce’s new service to find me Limited Edition First Press copies of BT CDs which I missed.