Happy Thanksgiving!

To all my American friends, “Happy Thanksgiving”!

Thought this nice email picture from Vermont Teddy Bear works real great for a Thanksgiving post! Do check out Vermont Teddy Bear, they are really one of the few teddy bears made in the US and we visited this Teddy Bear factory when we vacationed in Vermont recently.


Vermont Teddy Bear

Beautiful Atsushi Sakurai art by Dori Hartley

sakurai-watercolorSakurai ghostSakurai art


These are all artworks by Dori Hartley, fellow word press blogger and awesome artist!

Dori’s artworks of the gorgeous Atsushi Sakurai, vocalist of Buck Tick, j-rock band, one of the patriarch of visual kei in Japan is available now as postcards, notecards, journals, posters and other merchandise at her stores at



You can also visit her blog at http://www.hartleyworks.wordpress.com

I think anyone visiting my blog would definitely encounter photos of Atsushi Sakurai, especially since you can’t actually miss it, photos of Acchan being the background for my blog!

That I am a total fan girl of B-T and Atsushi Sakurai goes without saying. I love their music, the mad genius of Imai Hisashi, lead guitar, primary composer and backup vocals, Hidehiko Hoshino, 2nd guitar, composer and back up vocals as well as Higuchi Yutaka, bass guitar and Yagami Toll, drums and especially front man, vocalist and primary lyricist of the band, Sakurai Atsushi.

Not only does Sakurai have the voice to totally captivate me, the deepest, richest liquid baritone ever but he also has the particular looks to completely ensnare me!

A lot of times, it is said, beauty is in the eye of  the beholder but there are people who are born with that perfect symmetry of looks which adds up to good looks and then there are people who not only have the 2nd quality in abundance but also have that indefinable something that is charisma as well.

To me, Atsushi Sakurai has all that and more in limitless quantities and Dori Hartley’s renditions of Sakurai has captured that perfectly

Needless to say, I have purchased postcards , journals and poster from Hartleyworks depicting Sakurai and the quality of print of those works are awesome!

So, if you are a fan, you might want to check out Hartleyworks artworks of Atsushi Sakurai!



Hip Hip Hurray! The Bird & I reached 500 page likes…..


Thank you everyone for helping The Bird & I reach 500 page likes on Facebook. We had meant to do a song and dance and celebrate when we reached that milestone a week back…but well I got inundated and its a week later and we are at 776 page likes!

Still, hey, I  had always wanted to celebrate our 500 page like  milestone, so I am still gonna do it! Hip Hip Hurray!

Jewelry season is here and I thought I should do the party and dance thing before I get  completely zombified and all I do is wake up, work morning to night, drop into bed exhausted and repeat that cycle for the next 2 months!

Meanwhile, here are  a few photos of The Bird & I’s Christmas offerings. Its a little scarce but we are generally a darker themed store  and Halloween  is more up our  alley but at least this is my token offering for the Festive Season!