Day in Question 2013- Buck Tick’s year end Concert at the Nippon Budoukan



This blog went on a longer hiatus then I expected when I finally closed my Etsy store for a little down time during Christmas and New Year. Instead of some R&R, I ended being sick as a dog for the most part…so much for well laid plans…..

So this little post on Buck Tick’s DIQ 2013 is a little picker upper for myself….as I get to enjoy the live report of the DIQ 2013 from NotTheGreatest Site and sort of get to experience this concert albeit vicariously and also enjoy the DIQ 2013 tour goods which Cayce kindly purchased on my behalf

For BT fans here though NicoNico will be streaming the Koriyama performance of the  DIQ 2013 on Jan 24th at their site and there is a full week of B-T programmes starting Jan 18th to the 24th 2014 showcasing B-T’s concert performances which is still available to watch on NicoNico’s site

I am so looking forward to seeing one of the DIQ 2013 performance and can’t wait for B-T to annouce their tour dates for 2014 as I mean to realise my dream of seeing BT live this year! The hard work over last year’s jewelry season and even being awfully sick for more then a month will be well worth it…..