Oh, Look at these. What neat bags!

I was really impressed when I saw these. I LOVE these bags…..so pretty and looks pretty functional….especially for travel….

The bags are by McKlein USA and KC Jagger. They have quite a range of colours, designs, comes with these nifty inserts as well as rollers and luggage pulls.

Available from MY Habit.com

These days I have my head in the clouds dreaming of a much hoped for trip, so these pieces certainly caught my eye


RollerbagsMcKlein&KCJaggerKCJagger Boston PinkRedKC Jagger Boston3KC Jagger BostonKC Jagger Boston2KC Jagger StrawberryKC Jagger HarlwoRollingBagRedMcKeinUSAMcKeinUSA2pgMcKleinUSA2KCJaggerBeige

My Buck Tick Christmas tree……Happy Holidays Everyone!

Copy of MyBTChristmasTreeProject2Copy of MYBTChristmasTreeProject


Happy Holidays Everyone!

This is my Buck Tick inspired Christmas tree! 😀

Well, this year, the Bird & I was worked to the bones and we didn’t get the time to do any Christmas shopping.

When we downsized and moved into our little apartment, one of the things we had to let go off , was our 6 foot Christmas tree and all our Christmas decorations. We had made do with a tiny table top “potted tree” for the last couple of years, but this year we went and bought a 4 foot tree…still table top but it was a TREE. Unfortunately since Black Friday, the Bird & I was worked to the bones and I didn’t have time to get any ornaments for our tree…..

What I did have was my B-T guitar picks, and jewelry stuff…so I made these into my Christmas tree ornaments…..I made large glass cabochon charms of BT images, also inserted photo image of Sakurai-san into an “Angel” themed Christmas tree photo ornament….(didn’t have time to find another angel or a star….. rather unusual role for Sakurai-san but hey, he has the looks of an angel…rather decadent one but still……) also other B-T images into picture frame ornaments as well as photo images of my cats and ice cream and soda cup charms from my jewelry stash as ornaments…..

Hope you guys like my Christmas tree as much as I do!



HARE and Hart Bag



Koret Tudor Bag


Fashion Bags ColourfulNewsprint BagMore Newsprint bags


From Ebay Seller Insteado

Mixed bag of Bags! Pardon the pun…but I couldn’t resist…

This ranges from Ebay China manufactured handbags to Designer bags. I actually really liked the newsprint bag and ordered it from this Ebay Seller. I think it makes a great overnight travel bag…..or carry on….


Sorry, we went on hiatus…..



Sorry to say, we went on hiatus and did not post. The Bird & I was worked to bones and I was zombified from Black Friday till this Tuesday, when I finally “closed” shipping on The Bird & I Etsy store for a little break.

We are still accepting orders but we have closed down shipping till after the New Year of 2014. I am finally enjoying a little down time.

My B-day was real shitty as it came in December and I was working morning to night but hey, some nice things did happen. Friends did send me some wonderful B-day wishes on Facebook, family wishes came via Viber and lots of shopping sites and interest groups I subscribed to, sent me email B-day wishes!

As a member of the Josh Groban fan club, I received B-day wishes as well as  10% off on club products….and hey, even my favourite band  remembered!

The Birthday card from Buck Tick Fish Tank fan club arrived, way late 😉 but at least they remembered ! 🙂

Of course, the card is the same as a gadzillion others sent out to other members of Fish Tank, but well, this one is mine 😀 so guess it should count for something!


A Special Etsy store…Riley’s Star, focus on Animal Shelters and Rescues

Riley's Star2Riley'sStar


These glass pendant jewelry is by Riley’s Star, an Etsy jewelry store with a focus on the animal shelters and their rescues

I think if you are an animal lover, these pendants are especially meaningful. I love the words and the emotions they represent and capture.

Do visit Riley’s store at Etsy or their Facebook page