Keeping My Blog Alive….

Lately, its been a struggle keeping this blog alive. WordPress has made changes to the way one blogs and I frankly didn’t like the changes. It makes it a hassle ….no matter how few the changes, one has to figure them out and with so much on my plate, I just wonder if its worth it.

Then these days, I have too many social media platforms I am active on …..tumbler, facebook (3 different pages, one for my etsy store, one “personal” and one a page where I am one of a team of administrators and then lately google as well.

Tumbler crossposts with my “personal” facebook page and that suits me and what i used to post on wordpress, I now post directly on my etsy store page on Facebook or my “personal” page.

In addition all the reasons I had for starting a wordpress blog have been served through my facebook pages, tumbler and google platforms. Also the audience i wanted to reach, I am reaching through facebook and tumbler , more so then I ever did through WordPress. WordPress has become more or less redundant for me.

I think the only reason my wordpress blog is still alive is that it picks up reblogs I do on facebook….but basically its been on life support the last year.

So, when do people decide to let a blog live or die? Mayhaps the reason this blog is still here is because I didn’t like the morbidity of consigning the blog to some blog graveyard.

And maybe the reason I have for posting today is because of the way social media and cyberspace works. I Liked and Reblogged a post on Tumbler this morning from a Blogger who Follows me and whom I Follow back……then I realised why the post looked familiar when I re-looked at the post and saw that the source of the original post, was Myself on this WordPress blog more then a year ago!

So, maybe, just maybe, I should just keep this blog alive…….