Keeping My Blog Alive….

Lately, its been a struggle keeping this blog alive. WordPress has made changes to the way one blogs and I frankly didn’t like the changes. It makes it a hassle ….no matter how few the changes, one has to figure them out and with so much on my plate, I just wonder if its worth it.

Then these days, I have too many social media platforms I am active on …..tumbler, facebook (3 different pages, one for my etsy store, one “personal” and one a page where I am one of a team of administrators and then lately google as well.

Tumbler crossposts with my “personal” facebook page and that suits me and what i used to post on wordpress, I now post directly on my etsy store page on Facebook or my “personal” page.

In addition all the reasons I had for starting a wordpress blog have been served through my facebook pages, tumbler and google platforms. Also the audience i wanted to reach, I am reaching through facebook and tumbler , more so then I ever did through WordPress. WordPress has become more or less redundant for me.

I think the only reason my wordpress blog is still alive is that it picks up reblogs I do on facebook….but basically its been on life support the last year.

So, when do people decide to let a blog live or die? Mayhaps the reason this blog is still here is because I didn’t like the morbidity of consigning the blog to some blog graveyard.

And maybe the reason I have for posting today is because of the way social media and cyberspace works. I Liked and Reblogged a post on Tumbler this morning from a Blogger who Follows me and whom I Follow back……then I realised why the post looked familiar when I re-looked at the post and saw that the source of the original post, was Myself on this WordPress blog more then a year ago!

So, maybe, just maybe, I should just keep this blog alive…….

Asses of love: 7-Eleven’s heart-shaped treats give new meaning to term “steamed buns”

Steamed Butts for Valentine’s day! Ha ha ha!


CH 5

Walk into any Japanese convenience store during the colder part of the year, and along with such welcome refreshments as heated cans of coffee and bottles of tea you’ll find a case of steamed buns. The orthodox version is stuffed with minced pork and vegetables, but curry and pizza sauce steamed buns are pretty easy to find, too.

Some convenience stores even offer sweet varieties, like 7-Eleven is doing now with its chocolate cream steamed buns. Since they’ve been released just in time for Valentine ’s Day, they’re even shaped like little pink hearts. Or, that was the plan at least, but to some people, they look more like little pink butts.

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