My latest Acquisitions-Buck Tick movie and Single, Love/Steppers Parade



After a long couple of months waiting, I finally get to enjoy my latest acquisitions

Buck Tick The Movie-Buck Tick Phenomenon

Blu Ray Collectior’s Box, a triple disc set  in a  beautiful velvet bound box with some extras, like a set of beautiful two sided photo cards and a colour post card.

Also the latest B-T single, Buck Tick-Love Parade/Steppers Parade Limited Edition, 2 disc set with the bonus footage from the Live Concert at Tokyo Dome City Hall. I also got a Calender Poster with my order

Sort of nice to get all those little extras! 😀

The B-T movie and single are still available at HMV Japan, CD Japan and B-T webshop carries the BT movie too.


Buck Tick-The Countdown ends with DVD/Blu-Ray Release Annoucement

Buck Tick 2013

Awesome new photo shared by BUCK TICK on the announcement of the release date, 22nd Jan 2014 for the BUCK TICK-Phenomenon movies on DVD and Blu-ray last night (for those of us in North America 🙂 )

BT has been teasing fans with this countdown using lyrics from Shipuu no Blade Runner and finally its here! The Big announcement!

Special Limited Edition Boxed DVD sets  as well as new Singles Release was in the announcement

The new Singles release features the songs in the BT movies,

Track 1.Love Parade

Track 2. Steppers Parade

plus bonus materials for Limited Edition.

See the details and preview here at BT’s Official Movie site

Of course, being a huge BT fan, I dutifully went to send BT my hard earned money and pre-ordered these goodies! 😀

By the way, I can’t resist adding this photo shoot from 13t Floor  with Diana….the pose of the new BT photo sure is reminiscent of this one…..don’t you think??

Buck Tick 13th Flr



If this isn’t Sexy, I don’t know what is….Kimi no Vanilla-Buck Tick-Yumemiru Uchu Tour

Kimi no Vanilla from Buck Tick Yumemiru Uchu Tour…..if this isn’t sexy, I surely don’t know what is! 😀

Again, this was a clip I saved.

I don’t think I have seen this song in a live performance DVD since Devil & Freud concert back in 2004. I don’t think Buck Tick performs this song often.  I am guessing  Buck Tick did this song as a fan service this time and I am real happy to see it here!

At the same time, I am sharing photo of the other Buck Tick Handbag Accessory I did with one of the other BT guitar picks I bought from BT webshop. This time it will grace my tote bag.


Again, I very carefully, drilled a hole through the BT guitar pick and threaded a jump ring through it. Then added my handmade photo charms, photo paper, paper glaze, Tibetan silver picture frame, glass cabochon, black metal cab base, jewelry glue.

I love Dori Hartley’s fan picture of Atsushi Sakurai and once again used a variation of her artwork here. Thank you Dori for sharing your work. Check out her works at

I again used a miniaturized BT movie poster and this time I also made a large glass cabochon photo charm of another fan art piece. Sad to say, I again did not have the presence of mind to note the name of the artist when I saved it to my files. This was a piece of fan art shared on facebook…..I can’t make out the signature…..looks like “Heog” but I am not sure.

Again,  to the artist, thank you for sharing your art. I hope you do not mind that I have used your work in making an accessory for myself.  I applaud your imagination :-D, depicting the beautiful Sakurai-san in this super sexy pose 😉 …..especially with the unbuttoned shirt, something the real Sakurai-san sadly, never does……

The rest of the charms included a  really nice 3-d headphone , a microphone and alphabet charms spelling out BT.

Buck Tick FT Cosmic Dreamer DVD is out on pre-order

Cosmic Dreamer2Cosmic Dreamer1

I know I have mentioned this before but I just had to put up this reminder…the FT Cosmic Dreamer Tour DVD is out on pre-order at and the Special Edition is only available for order for a limited time only

The band had a different set from the Yumemiru Uchu tour set ( which was  absolutely beautiful by the way), and I am sure from the descriptions and reviews I have read of this concert, it  will again be beautiful.

DVD is only available to Fish Tank members but Fish Tank now has an online form for membership application and for those who need some help filling out your application, I wrote a Guide to Filling out Online Fish Tank membership application and its available at Sherry & Team’s page at



Long Distance Call-Atsushi Sakurai, Buck Tick, Yumemiru Uchuu tour

Again, this is a file I saved. I love this particular performance. This is an incredibly emotional performance of the song, Long Distance Call.

For those who knows Buck Tick’s history, you will know this song was written by Sakurai Atsushi for his mother who passed away when he was away on tour. And this was about the last phone call he shared with her.

I think this is one of the most powerful, emotional performances of this song. Atsushi was so caught up in the emotion of the moment  that  there is a tear  falling from his eye when he sang this song.

Yeah! FT only Cosmic Dreamer tour performance live DVD out for pre-order


Fish Tank (Buck Tick fan club) just sent out email this morning that the Fish Tanker’s only Live DVD performance on March 2, 2013 at Tokyo Dome, City Hall is out for pre-order starting today

Yeah and I went to put in my order. Only thing is I must say Bing translator sucks and I am not sure what I ordered. I only know I definitely ordered something! Hope its the edition I wanted!
The live DVD comes in regular edition, blu ray edition as well as I think special blu ray limited edition with live CDs . The special edition was what I wanted but heh, I am not too sure if I figured that out entirely. But I went by the most expensive option, so that’s gotta be it! (I may pinch and scrape with other purchases but I sure spend big on BUCK TICK!) Anyway, I am keeping fingers crossed that was what I pre-ordered!

Oh and one more thing, FT live DVDs are only available for purchase by FT members. If you want to join FISH TANK go to Sherry’s BUCK TICK Facebook page where I contributed the note on How to Join Fish Tank online