Beautiful Atsushi Sakurai art by Dori Hartley

sakurai-watercolorSakurai ghostSakurai art


These are all artworks by Dori Hartley, fellow word press blogger and awesome artist!

Dori’s artworks of the gorgeous Atsushi Sakurai, vocalist of Buck Tick, j-rock band, one of the patriarch of visual kei in Japan is available now as postcards, notecards, journals, posters and other merchandise at her stores at

You can also visit her blog at

I think anyone visiting my blog would definitely encounter photos of Atsushi Sakurai, especially since you can’t actually miss it, photos of Acchan being the background for my blog!

That I am a total fan girl of B-T and Atsushi Sakurai goes without saying. I love their music, the mad genius of Imai Hisashi, lead guitar, primary composer and backup vocals, Hidehiko Hoshino, 2nd guitar, composer and back up vocals as well as Higuchi Yutaka, bass guitar and Yagami Toll, drums and especially front man, vocalist and primary lyricist of the band, Sakurai Atsushi.

Not only does Sakurai have the voice to totally captivate me, the deepest, richest liquid baritone ever but he also has the particular looks to completely ensnare me!

A lot of times, it is said, beauty is in the eye of  the beholder but there are people who are born with that perfect symmetry of looks which adds up to good looks and then there are people who not only have the 2nd quality in abundance but also have that indefinable something that is charisma as well.

To me, Atsushi Sakurai has all that and more in limitless quantities and Dori Hartley’s renditions of Sakurai has captured that perfectly

Needless to say, I have purchased postcards , journals and poster from Hartleyworks depicting Sakurai and the quality of print of those works are awesome!

So, if you are a fan, you might want to check out Hartleyworks artworks of Atsushi Sakurai!



Happy Halloween! With my Favourite Vampire, Atsushi Sakurai of Buck Tick

13thFlrwDiana213FlrWDianaBuck Tick 13th Flrcropped-atsushi-sakuraib.jpg

What could be more appropriate on Halloween then 13th Floor with Diana?  Also especially from the music video “Romance”? A dark romance between a vampire and a mortal woman…..

In honour of this music video, I made this piece of jewelry….. a pendant with the image of Sakurai and a bottle of “vampire blood” which I will end up wearing tonight!

Copy of atsushiDropBloodProjec2t


Happy Halloween Everyone!

Buck Tick-The Countdown ends with DVD/Blu-Ray Release Annoucement

Buck Tick 2013

Awesome new photo shared by BUCK TICK on the announcement of the release date, 22nd Jan 2014 for the BUCK TICK-Phenomenon movies on DVD and Blu-ray last night (for those of us in North America 🙂 )

BT has been teasing fans with this countdown using lyrics from Shipuu no Blade Runner and finally its here! The Big announcement!

Special Limited Edition Boxed DVD sets  as well as new Singles Release was in the announcement

The new Singles release features the songs in the BT movies,

Track 1.Love Parade

Track 2. Steppers Parade

plus bonus materials for Limited Edition.

See the details and preview here at BT’s Official Movie site

Of course, being a huge BT fan, I dutifully went to send BT my hard earned money and pre-ordered these goodies! 😀

By the way, I can’t resist adding this photo shoot from 13t Floor  with Diana….the pose of the new BT photo sure is reminiscent of this one…..don’t you think??

Buck Tick 13th Flr



My dreamt of Autograph- Atsushi Sakurai and Imai Hisashi, Buck Tick


Ever since I discovered Buck Tick, J-rock band through their Opening theme song, “Dress” on Trinity Blood anime, one of the two dreams I have pertaining to the band was to see them perform live and the other, was to have an autograph from the band, especially from my favourite band member, Atsushi Sakurai. Considering that this band never seems to leave the shores of their homeland of Japan, the chances of acquiring an autograph was near on nil for someone like me who is in North America.

However recently through the assistance of Cayce of Blog-Tick/Notthegreatest site, I was able to acquire this autograph with Atsushi Sakurai and Imai Hisashi’s signatures on an autograph board from their early days at their Victor Label.

This piece of BT memorabilia will be very much treasured and I look forward to the day when the second half of my dream to see BT live can be realised.

Meanwhile, do check out Cayce’s Shopping site at

If this isn’t Sexy, I don’t know what is….Kimi no Vanilla-Buck Tick-Yumemiru Uchu Tour

Kimi no Vanilla from Buck Tick Yumemiru Uchu Tour…..if this isn’t sexy, I surely don’t know what is! 😀

Again, this was a clip I saved.

I don’t think I have seen this song in a live performance DVD since Devil & Freud concert back in 2004. I don’t think Buck Tick performs this song often.  I am guessing  Buck Tick did this song as a fan service this time and I am real happy to see it here!

At the same time, I am sharing photo of the other Buck Tick Handbag Accessory I did with one of the other BT guitar picks I bought from BT webshop. This time it will grace my tote bag.


Again, I very carefully, drilled a hole through the BT guitar pick and threaded a jump ring through it. Then added my handmade photo charms, photo paper, paper glaze, Tibetan silver picture frame, glass cabochon, black metal cab base, jewelry glue.

I love Dori Hartley’s fan picture of Atsushi Sakurai and once again used a variation of her artwork here. Thank you Dori for sharing your work. Check out her works at

I again used a miniaturized BT movie poster and this time I also made a large glass cabochon photo charm of another fan art piece. Sad to say, I again did not have the presence of mind to note the name of the artist when I saved it to my files. This was a piece of fan art shared on facebook…..I can’t make out the signature…..looks like “Heog” but I am not sure.

Again,  to the artist, thank you for sharing your art. I hope you do not mind that I have used your work in making an accessory for myself.  I applaud your imagination :-D, depicting the beautiful Sakurai-san in this super sexy pose 😉 …..especially with the unbuttoned shirt, something the real Sakurai-san sadly, never does……

The rest of the charms included a  really nice 3-d headphone , a microphone and alphabet charms spelling out BT.