Yeah! I won my tickets for Buck Tick concerts , Zepp Tokyo, Dec 2014! Also Buck Tick themed Book Cover Charms…


I am totally ecstatic! I won my tickets in the pre-sale lottery for the Buck Tick’s standing lives at Zepp Tokyo this December, the Fish Tanker’s only Live on Dec 13th as well as the Dec 14th Arui wa Anarchy Tour Final!

I am so, so looking forward to my trip to Japan after so many years 😀  I am hoping B-T will do more concerts while I am in Tokyo, so maybe I will be able to catch more then these two concerts 🙂

Meanwhile, since i had been working on lots and lots of custom orders involving bookcover charms, I made these  Buck Tick themed ones for myself. I am not sure whether i will make them into bracelets or pendants yet……probably bracelets i think. Like a simple chain with one book cover charm hanging off it. i also made some of my Buck Tick themed bookcover charms with a half open Front Cover, so you actually get to peep into a page in the “book”.

I especially couldn’t resist adding the photo page where Atsushi posed with those giant butts, behind the Front Cover of the Rock and Read Cover! 😀

These are a heck of a lot of work to do, more then double the work on a regular book cover but I think they are worth it! They are made of photo paper, mylar, wood, paint, jewelry glue and layers and layers of varnish.


I certainly look forward to wearing these once I complete them. Though right now its back to more custom orders! I accepted orders for 10 custom bracelets, followed by a bulk order of 50 custom bookcover bracelets, another book cover themed custom bracelet, a Mad Hatter themed bracelet,  then a Handbag/backpack Accessory as well as pendant necklace.  I also sort of agreed to work on a couple more custom bracelets, a Star Trek and an alien themed one for another two regular clients, all within the next 4-6 weeks.  I must be mad! 😉

But ah! for Buck Tick spending money and my looked forward trip to Tokyo, I guess its worth it!


9 thoughts on “Yeah! I won my tickets for Buck Tick concerts , Zepp Tokyo, Dec 2014! Also Buck Tick themed Book Cover Charms…

    • Thanks so much! Also thanks for the compliments on my little bookcovers! I actually have one extra ticket for Dec 14th concert, fan club 1st Flr standing. Want to come with me??? 🙂

      • Oh my, would I ever!!!! If I did manage to make it work, would I need to get a fan club membership first? I still haven’t done that. Don’t you have to show your membership to get in?

  1. For the 13th Fish Tanker’s Live, you need to be a FT member but the 14th Dec show, the Tour Final , its open to the public. The FT presale lottery simply means there is better chance of a “better” ticket then the tickets available through the venue and other ticket sites later on when its open for public purchase. You do not need to be FT member to go to this show. And hey, I was so afraid of not getting tickets, I went overboard in my application and am lucky to have won more tickets then I needed, so I have one extra.
    If you are able to make the trip, you can have this ticket and join us! 🙂 That would be awesome!

      • I will hold the ticket for you till first week October before I post the offer of a B-T ticket on Facebook etc. Don’t want to waste it 😉
        Hopefully your family will be agreeable to you travelling to Japan to see B-T! 😀

  2. Would you mind emailing me at bacamjoly at gmail dot com? I’d like to talk about the details of your trip if you have them. Maybe we could travel in at least one direction together. I’d have to stop in Vancouver anyway, so Alberta wouldn’t be that much different.

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