Only in Medicine Hat, Alberta……deer, rabbits and gophers!

Its been almost 3 months since my family and I relocated from Ontario to our new home in Medicine Hat, Alberta. We have sort of settled down but it has definitely dawned on us that we are no longer in Ontario. Each time I come out of a store, say Costco, I kept missing something….and then realise that what I was missing were buildings! You come out of Costco and there is this huge expanse of space…..plains which stretches for miles on end and its just blue sky and grass! The landscape here is one that to me is something which ones sees in movies…..something like a Hollywood western……..,totally unreal

Locals who spoke to us often ask us , tongue in cheek, how we like the trees here. There being none…… . Anyhow, when my daugther commented that she hasn’t seen  any squirrels around either ( and squirrels abound everywhere in Ontario)….instead, like our neighbour said, squirrels sort of like trees and but well, we have gophers!

Barely a week into our new home, we found this white tailed deer outside our window. She was busy checking out the bushes and new plantings of our neigbours from across the street. She leisurely made her way from house to house, into open backyards before disappearing off further down the slope.

The next day, we had the opportunity to see a buck using the pedestrain cross walk right in the middle of town. All the traffic had stopped and then this deer traisped across the junction, using the cross walk, before he went bounding off towards Tony Romas.

Yesterday, while waiting for the bus in downtown Medicine Hat, I had company . This white tailed rabbit was waiting beside me. He kept me company for a bit but he didn’t get on the bus though.

Its certainly been a big change for a city gal like me to move first  from the city, then to a smaller town but now, to an even smaller town out here in the West!





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