10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Hidehiko Hoshino of Buck Tick!

      • Yep, about $33 wasn’t it? But definitely worth it. What’s your serial number? Mine is 12727. I’m not opening the poster… I figure I won’t hang it up anyway, so I may as well preserve it in its original condition.
        I SOOOOO want to go and see this tour!!

  1. CD Japan charged me $50! I got the poster and have hung it up in poster frame in my B-T corner :-D! My serial # is 12668 but no luck winning any special prizes B-T is giving away.
    And yeah, I want to see this tour too. I have air ticket booked for 15th Dec tii 30th Dec this year. Want to come along? I sure hope I can catch more then one concert! 😀
    Would have gone earlier but I ended up doing a major relocate instead

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