Relocation to Medicine Hat, Alberta

2014-04-06 19.12.48

UHaul Truck starting our Journey

2014-04-08 12.49.56

Massive areas of Frozen Lakes in Northern Ontario


Arriving in Alberta


Medicine Hat, Alberta


View From Our New Home, Hills and Lake?


Our New Home, Coming Up



Our New Home, Apartment Building, Vantage Point


My Family and I made an unexpected move from St Catharines, ON to Medicine Hat, Alberta. Our decision was made within less then a week, so it was vastly unplanned. That was about one of the most chaotic periods for us but we have finally arrived and settled (more or less) into our new home

It was quite an adventure to travel in a U Haul truck with 3 people in the cab, 2 cats on leashes as there was no room for carriers, a hamster and two goldfish! We did experiment with MacDonald’s cups for the goldfish and sit them in cupholders. The main thing is to remember NOT to DRINK your fish! Though in the end we settled for sitting the fish in a container within a pail by our feet as we really wanted use of our cupholders. But it sure was plenty crowded and cramped to have so many critters and people in the truck.

It took us 4 days to reach Alberta…..the first two nights of our journey took us only up to Northern Ontario.Having lived in Southern Ontario for most of 20 years, it was quite amazing to travel that far north in Ontario and realise that wow, the province of Ontario sure is darned big for one and that there’s hardly anything up there! I guess most people are centred in Southern Ontario!

We did drive by areas of huge frozen lakes and the sight was pretty impressive. Pity my photos are not able to show the huge expanse of the scenery.

Two days later, we left Ontario and by the fourth day, we finally arrived in Alberta. The scenery has changed from one of forests and frozen lakes to dead flat plains and rolling hills. One could really see for miles and miles around and its just pure vivid blue sky and flat lands. It is an incredible sight for someone like me who is used to either cityscapes or landscapes with trees and houses.

There is a dearth of squirrels here. A common sight in Ontario but here, not a single squirrel. Instead we saw white tail deer and rabbits! And the Locals tell us that the deer here are pretty bold and that during hunting season, they know to come to town, where they are safe! Smart deer!

Anyhow, we are finally mostly settled here and look forward to many years spent in our new hometown, Medicine Hat. The Bird & I Jewelry Store has just re-opened for business and I have started working on new pieces.



2 thoughts on “Relocation to Medicine Hat, Alberta

  1. Thanks! Ha! Ha! Ha! And I already booked and paid for my air ticket to Japan and now will have to fly from Calgary to Toronto to catch my flight as ticket is non-refundable! And hopefully B-T still means to tour end of year as I booked my ticket before I knew the tour dates! 😉

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