A Pokemon themed bracelet…..my very first!





This was a Custom Order from a repeat client of mine. I had never done a Pokemon/Pikachu elements bracelet before so this was my first! Its for a grand daughter who is both a Pisces, loves Pokemon, playing with tea cups and teapots and the colours blue and yellow.

I had a brief to follow but had fun all the same bringing all the disparate elements together in this bright and happy bracelet. Its been years since I watched Pokemon series with my daughter and my daughter is now long since an adult but looking up images of Pikachu and watching an episode of Pokemon does bring back lots of fond memories of the time my daughter and I spent watching animes on television.

Its been a fun walk down memory lane and for that reason, this bracelet has come to mean something a little special. I hope the little girl who gets this bracelet from a doting grandmother will like it!

One thought on “A Pokemon themed bracelet…..my very first!

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