My latest Acquisitions-Buck Tick movie and Single, Love/Steppers Parade



After a long couple of months waiting, I finally get to enjoy my latest acquisitions

Buck Tick The Movie-Buck Tick Phenomenon

Blu Ray Collectior’s Box, a triple disc set  in a  beautiful velvet bound box with some extras, like a set of beautiful two sided photo cards and a colour post card.

Also the latest B-T single, Buck Tick-Love Parade/Steppers Parade Limited Edition, 2 disc set with the bonus footage from the Live Concert at Tokyo Dome City Hall. I also got a Calender Poster with my order

Sort of nice to get all those little extras! 😀

The B-T movie and single are still available at HMV Japan, CD Japan and B-T webshop carries the BT movie too.


4 thoughts on “My latest Acquisitions-Buck Tick movie and Single, Love/Steppers Parade

  1. Congratulations! I wanted to ask you – does the movie have subtitles? I don’t know if I want to spend the money if I can’t understand any of it. I love their music, but there’s only so much talking I can listen to without wanting to know what they’re saying!

  2. Hi there
    Thanks! 🙂 And no, no subtitles but I don’t think its really needed. The actions are pretty self explanatory! Its much like “At the Nightside” and structured similarly. You do get to see them working in studio, how much work went into an album, deciding on set list…then the little funny mistakes made and accidents that can happen at concerts….like when
    a whole segment of the front row went down like dominoes….
    Actually if you are in the market for a Limited Ed blu ray Collector Box I have an extra copy (surprise from hubby!) with all the extras available. Much as I love B-T, I don’t think I need two copies!

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