Sorry, we went on hiatus…..



Sorry to say, we went on hiatus and did not post. The Bird & I was worked to bones and I was zombified from Black Friday till this Tuesday, when I finally “closed” shipping on The Bird & I Etsy store for a little break.

We are still accepting orders but we have closed down shipping till after the New Year of 2014. I am finally enjoying a little down time.

My B-day was real shitty as it came in December and I was working morning to night but hey, some nice things did happen. Friends did send me some wonderful B-day wishes on Facebook, family wishes came via Viber and lots of shopping sites and interest groups I subscribed to, sent me email B-day wishes!

As a member of the Josh Groban fan club, I received B-day wishes as well as  10% off on club products….and hey, even my favourite band  remembered!

The Birthday card from Buck Tick Fish Tank fan club arrived, way late 😉 but at least they remembered ! 🙂

Of course, the card is the same as a gadzillion others sent out to other members of Fish Tank, but well, this one is mine 😀 so guess it should count for something!


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