Hip Hip Hurray! The Bird & I reached 500 page likes…..


Thank you everyone for helping The Bird & I reach 500 page likes on Facebook. We had meant to do a song and dance and celebrate when we reached that milestone a week back…but well I got inundated and its a week later and we are at 776 page likes!

Still, hey, I  had always wanted to celebrate our 500 page like  milestone, so I am still gonna do it! Hip Hip Hurray!

Jewelry season is here and I thought I should do the party and dance thing before I get  completely zombified and all I do is wake up, work morning to night, drop into bed exhausted and repeat that cycle for the next 2 months!

Meanwhile, here are  a few photos of The Bird & I’s Christmas offerings. Its a little scarce but we are generally a darker themed store  and Halloween  is more up our  alley but at least this is my token offering for the Festive Season!


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