Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler anime inspired jewelry


Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler is an anime series I enjoyed as  I have always enjoyed fantasy, especially dark fantasy and this series has enough elements of dark fantasy for me to like….a boy Ciel Phantomhive, who  formed a pact with a demon, Sebastian Michaelis for the demon’s aid during his lifetime to complete his tasks as well as to pursue the mystery of his family’s death, in return for his soul on completion of his quest.
This anime has both the dark elements, the drama as well as the comedic elements that makes it a compelling storyline for me to follow.

As a result, I decided to theme a series of two bracelets after the series. One of the bracelets sold before I could share the pictures but I well, I am going to share the photos of both the bracelets anyway. 🙂

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