If this isn’t Sexy, I don’t know what is….Kimi no Vanilla-Buck Tick-Yumemiru Uchu Tour

Kimi no Vanilla from Buck Tick Yumemiru Uchu Tour…..if this isn’t sexy, I surely don’t know what is! 😀

Again, this was a clip I saved.

I don’t think I have seen this song in a live performance DVD since Devil & Freud concert back in 2004. I don’t think Buck Tick performs this song often.  I am guessing  Buck Tick did this song as a fan service this time and I am real happy to see it here!

At the same time, I am sharing photo of the other Buck Tick Handbag Accessory I did with one of the other BT guitar picks I bought from BT webshop. This time it will grace my tote bag.


Again, I very carefully, drilled a hole through the BT guitar pick and threaded a jump ring through it. Then added my handmade photo charms, photo paper, paper glaze, Tibetan silver picture frame, glass cabochon, black metal cab base, jewelry glue.

I love Dori Hartley’s fan picture of Atsushi Sakurai and once again used a variation of her artwork here. Thank you Dori for sharing your work. Check out her works at dorihartley.com

I again used a miniaturized BT movie poster and this time I also made a large glass cabochon photo charm of another fan art piece. Sad to say, I again did not have the presence of mind to note the name of the artist when I saved it to my files. This was a piece of fan art shared on facebook…..I can’t make out the signature…..looks like “Heog” but I am not sure.

Again,  to the artist, thank you for sharing your art. I hope you do not mind that I have used your work in making an accessory for myself.  I applaud your imagination :-D, depicting the beautiful Sakurai-san in this super sexy pose 😉 …..especially with the unbuttoned shirt, something the real Sakurai-san sadly, never does……

The rest of the charms included a  really nice 3-d headphone , a microphone and alphabet charms spelling out BT.

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