Latest Shipment-The Bird & I Store


Some of the items, I spent the last week preparing  for yesterday, Friday, shipping. They range from mostly commissions to sales from Etsy Store. and Ebay. I worked on GACKT (j-rock musician, singer) themed bracelets, earrings to Junjou Romantica themed handbag accessory and earrings, to Buck Tick (J-rock /visual kei band)  themed items as well as Rurouni Kenshin (anime Samurai X) themed bookmarks, key chains etc.

Also Sold, Buck Tick inspired bracelet “Gothic Romance II” , Viewfinder (anime/manga, yaoi) themed bracelet from Store amongst other things. So last week turned out to be a really busy week after all……though I am looking forward to a less hectic pace and stocking up Store for the Fall. Or maybe I should just go for a mini vacation!

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