A Case of Super Duck and Joining the Social Media Bandwagon


When I started this blog and activated my Facebook page after quite a lengthy period of resistance, I never had the intention to write any wordy pieces.  I was simply being thrust into the stream of social networking  willy nilly .

Now why the reluctance to hop on the social media bandwagon? Well, my generation never grew up with the world wide web, computers, tablets,  smart phones, x-boxes, or  playstations. Games were simple ones, that involve a lot of imagination and little gadgetry.  Also, we used the “snail mail” and emails was something we encountered when we were full adults and not something we grew up with. .

Therefore, its not altogether surprising that a majority of us don’t trust things that are intangible and worry over revealing too much of ourselves to strangers. So I can understand when my favourite vocalist, Sakurai Atsushi from my favourite band, Buck Tick stated  in an interview (which was translated courtesy of Nopperabou.net if my memory serves)   he doesn’t understand  computers or social networking stuff like facebook, blogging or live journal. When  he was told blogging and live journal is something like a personal diary, what  he replied was he doesn’t see the  point of  a personal diary which is  public! Then it wouldn’t be his personal diary! He certainly has a point there.

This was more or less in line with my own attitude.  Besides, my first forays into the early regime of social networking was one which left a lasting impression on me.

One of my hobbies was the cat fancy and I did go to exhibitions to show my pedigreed cats. Well,  one of those internet lists which I belonged to ( and this was before there was Facebook and such) , were talking about hair dryers and which were the best ones to use.

 Now one of those early hands free pet dryer is called a Super DUCK. It was a pretty good dryer and my first model had  broken down and I was in the midst of ordering a 2nd one. Well, in my hurry to extol the virtues of this dryer, I inadvertently sent off a post to about 300 over people, not only highly recommending the product but saying that I couldn’t wait for my new Super DICK to arrive! That I had worn out the last one and couldn’t wait to get the new one!:o

Imagine  my horror when I realised I had just mistyped one single word and the whole meaning changed…….of course, if I  had true anonymity, it wouldn’t be half as bad and if I  didn’t have to meet any of those people on the list, that would have been just peachy.  Instead, as fate would have it, I did have to face some of the people on the list in the next weekend show.. …grinning people who came up to me and  asked whether I did receive my new order and how it was working out.*:"> blushing

I did deliberate on the options of sinking into a hole on the floor or possibly the black hole….and the consolation from well meaning friends didn’t exactly make the situation better…when it went the route of, well you did provide comic relief for the weekend show, or it could have been much worse, you could have shared something extremely personal or chances are you are bound to commit worse transgressions in the future and this one will be as nothing….

Platitudes aside, in the sagacity of age, I have to say, this was nothing much. One just has to live it down and find the humour in the situation. So, I have finally embraced  the social network medium though   I am by no means sanguine about it. I still  view it with a lot of trepidation and see it as a route full of pitfalls but for now, I present to you the awesome Super Duck!

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