Some thoughts on Blogging…the Lone Ranger…my handmade bracelet and such….


Today, I was reading some of the blogs I follow and fellow bloggers were talking about Length of Posts, the Perfect blog, the Dos and Dont’s of Blogging. It got me thinking…

Normally I just simply share visuals of the things I like or enjoy or  photos of my jewelry. In my jewelry, I don’t write about it beyond a few descriptive paragraphs of what is in it or sometimes, where I take my inspiration from. I don’t write or offer an analysis or critique of the visuals I share either in my postings on this blog.

I’ve been an art curator and historian for decades and certainly in that field, what one does is write….whether its a critique of an art piece or an interpretation of an artwork for the layman or ones’ contemporaries or the art community. However I have found that as one gets more and more engrossed in one’s field, what goes into an art catalogue or art book has become something for the “in” crowd and at times its soaring prose and semantics is such that the writing has become an esoteric piece beyond the comprehension of most people.

I remember a case in point where an artist I was working with actually came to me and asked if I could write a simple introduction for his coming exhibition, something he could distribute to people who come to his exhibition opening. He had been honoured to have the leading art historian at that time write his catalogue but  as he quietly told me, the article may be about him and his art but honestly speaking, he didn’t understand it even if its about himself!

This makes me question the whole purpose and role of the art critic….are we writing for ourselves and the select few?

Now, as a practising art curator for a number of years, another thing I realised early is that the average layman who comes to visit the art gallery or museum will spend about 10 seconds reading the label on the wall beside the painting, so that usually means nothing more then the first few sentences on that label is going to be read. So it behooves us to keep information succinct so most of that information is actually seen.

Which comes back full circle to where my thoughts were when I started writing this.  Jewelry is something visual and whether the esthetics of the piece appeals to one depends on that person…sure one could be “educated” to “appreciate” certain styles, but at the basic level, whether the esthetics in a piece appeals to one or not is something personal and individual.

I mentioned “The Lone Ranger”  and that is because this is a movie which the critics have basically destroyed at the start go. Oh, its by no means a masterpiece, nor does it take on any pretensions to be more than what it is,  but its a whole ball of fun and isn’t the purpose of a movie to entertain?

I made a couple of “Lone Ranger” themed bracelets for some fans of Johnny Depp and one of these bracelets actually made it to the LA red carpet premiere of the movie.  So as I pull my rambling thoughts together, what I wanted to point out is that sometimes something is best seen for oneself and then you make up your own mind about it.

Like with my recent post on Classical inspirations in fashion post…I could write a whole essay about Greek and Roman clothing (for after all I studied art history) but I am not sure how much more appealing it would have made the visuals if that style had not appealed to your personal esthetics.

Sure, I enjoy language and good writing and blogs with a lot of content and acerbic humour appeal to me but my feeling is if one’s blog has high visual content and IS ABOUT visual content, then there doesn’t really seem to be a need of a page long prose appended to it.

So I guess, where I am concerned, I post about what I like and  I don’t subscribe to the “correct” blog guidelines or requirements. Possibly that is a failing, I don’t know.

2 thoughts on “Some thoughts on Blogging…the Lone Ranger…my handmade bracelet and such….

  1. I think we just need to flow with our creative genius and not worry about all the growing guidelines. I like the bracelet and congrats on the red carpet score. Stay fun, through failure or success.

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