Went to see Eagles in Concert, Air Canada Centre, Toronto


Went to see Eagles in concert last night at the Air Canada Centre. This old band has still got the goods! We had a great evening…..the band was a lot of fun, very nostalgic…..

The band did 3 encores though its only a total of 4 songs……I mean the first encore, the Eagles came out and did one song, Hotel California but hey, did they think the audience is going to let them go with just one song????

Last song of the night was “Desperado” and I think it ended the concert on a nice note…

Only thing is it was so stifling hot at the concert, it was like being in a sauna. I think  the air conditioning at Air Canada Centre definitely cannot cope with that many people in a concert in summer!

The first photo is a commercial advertisement for the band and the show.

The 2nd photo is of the goods booth and taken with hubby’s  cell phone camera….not terribly good but they do have nice T-shirts and stuff on sale though its really pricey!

2 thoughts on “Went to see Eagles in Concert, Air Canada Centre, Toronto

  1. I saw the Eagles at the CNE in about 1978. Hotel California was just out, and Joe Walsh was still playing with them. The last time I was at the Air Canada Centre was in 2006 to see Queen. 😀

  2. Wow…8-) that must have been fun….
    I’ve never seen Queen though…instead my last concert at Air Canada Centre was Green Day this year in the Spring….and I couldn’t walk for 2 days after that! 😀

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