Pole Dancing…sheer chiffon pants, Sexy Atsushi Sakurai of BUCK TICK, Cosmic Dreamer Tour

I LOVE LOVE this clip from the Opening number of BUCK TICK’s Cosmic Dreamer Tour concert DVD.  Its another great live DVD.

Since its no longer available on You Tube, and I had saved this file, I am uploading it here. For what better way to start the week then with this concert performance.

Its pretty incredible that Atsushi has remained this gorgeous and still so sexy despite being this close to hitting the big 50!SakuraiAtsushi2012.

10 thoughts on “Pole Dancing…sheer chiffon pants, Sexy Atsushi Sakurai of BUCK TICK, Cosmic Dreamer Tour

  1. That was a fantastic video, thanks for sharing it. I have many of their discs — I blew just a little too much on the 25th Anniversary though, so I don’t have this one … yet. 🙂

    • You are very welcome. I simply love Buck Tick and this live DVD is well worth it. The Yumemiru Uchuu (Dreaming Universe) tour set is very beautiful. I should have called it that 🙂 Hope you get your copy soon.
      The Cosmic Dreamer Fish Tanker’s live DVD will be coming out in October and yeah, like you I do spend a lot of $$ on Buck Tick!

      • I’m still trying to figure out how to get a FT membership in Canada… But mostly I want to save my money so I can go and see them live!

  2. I wrote the guide on how to join FT online (after spending 5 over hours trying to fill the application form 🙂 ). Its at Sherry and company’s facebook page https://www.facebook.com/aishibucktick
    If you have problems, please feel free to email me and I can help. I too am from Canada and yeah, I am trying to save enough too to see them live. Seriously planning on travelling to Japan end of next year to see Buck Tick

    • I went in 2005 to see Gackt (before I knew B-T existed) and it was a wonderful trip. Japan is a beautiful country to visit and the people there are awesome.
      Thanks for the link. 🙂

  3. You are very welcome. Good luck! Envy you your 2005 trip. Yeah, I wish too I knew of Buck Tick earlier on though in my case, guess it wouldn’t really have helped as the years when I was travelling to Japan on business, the boys were still in school and haven’t even got to baby Buck Tick stage yet 🙂

    • So you’ve been there… isn’t it great? I sooooo want to go back! Keep in touch, maybe we can meet there – you never know. I met a girl I knew online from Sweden in Hiroshima and gave her my extra ticket to the show. 🙂 When do you plan to go? Hey, maybe you can give me a kick up the ass before Acchan drinks himself to death or something equally silly.

      • Would be great if we do meet up in Japan at a Buck Tick concert! Love the country and the people. Definitely keep in touch. I mean to go Fall or Dec of 2014. I want to see one of the DIQ shows at the Nippon Budokan but also want to catch as many of their hall tours at the same time while I am there. Will have to wait for the band to announce tour dates to be sure.
        I am a little too old I think for the standing shows…..now if I were a decade younger….

      • Haha! Yeah, I’ll be 50 in January. For Buck-Tick I think I’d stand up for a few hours though 😛 I, too, would love to go to a DIQ, but my family would probably never forgive me for not being home through the Christmas holidays. How long would you stay? I was there for 10 days when I went.
        I’m off to bed now, but I’ll see your reply in the morning. Take care and it was very nice to meet you. 😀 We’ll definitely keep in touch. 🙂
        P.S. Are you on live journal by any chance?

  4. Hi Linda, It is great meeting a fellow Buck Tick fan and well, I guess I can give you almost 5 years on the age! I am older then Yagami Toll san! Last concert I went to was Green Day and well, I couldn’t walk for 2 days after! 🙂
    I mean to stay for 2 weeks….hopefully in that span of time I can catch at least 3 concerts…..
    The band tours from 14 to 29 Dec this year. I just hope they repeat that next year! If the don’t do a mini tour in Dec, then I plan to travel earlier in the Fall, but I so want to see one of the Nippon Budokan shows!
    And no, I am not on live journal….I am very new to all this social networking stuff…from facebook to blogging, but I am certainly enjoying it. Goodnight and Sweet Dreams!

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