For a Fan of Alice Nine…Visual Kei/J-Rock band


CD Japan announces pre-release date for

Alice Nine/Alice Nine Live 2012 Court of “9”#4 Grand Finale COUNTDOWN LIVE 12.31(Title subject to change) [Limited Pressing]  DVD
4743 yen US$46/102.1  Release Date:2013/06/19
Description: Live DVD of a visual kei band Alice Nine features their performance from “Alice Nine Live 2012 Court of “9”#4 Grand Finale COUNTDOWN LIVE 12.31″ held at Yoyogi National Gymnasium on December 31, 2012.

So since there is no cover photo for the new live DVD and I have this Alice Nine hand bag accessory ready to ship today to a fan of Alice Nine today, I decided to use it instead!

I do like Alice Nine myself, and after my top favourite of Buck Tick, Alice Nine does list amongst the j-rock bands I enjoy listening to. And yeah, I do make other  BY REQUEST,  custom accessories for my jewelry clients beyond bracelets……”:D”

I have even made a “Vikings” themed accessory for a football fan as another BY REQUEST item and hey, I knew nothing about American football at that time!  I sure learnt a bit about Brett Fauvre in a short time…..I think its a fun learning process to see what other people enjoy and research into their interests.



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