A break from commissions…and to the shop we go…..


Been slogging at traditional bracelet commissions lately, so finally decided I needed a break…..instead been relaxing and been watching DVDs and letting creative juices run. The end result is a series of bracelets destined for local physical store outlets as I do have a small representation in a couple of local gift stores…..and I was due to deliver pieces to them….

There is this one particular bracelet which I particularly enjoyed making ???????????????????????????????

…..which I title “A Future Past”, a commentary on the consumer centric world we are living in.

What inspired me to do this piece is the idea of robots as remnants of a futuristic society which had progressed further beyond; and what was once the future Is now nothing more then remnants, fragments left of that once bright and shining future.

I guess its a commentary on the our disposable, consumer society. So “robots” of the future are now nothing but parts in a metal graveyard. Maybe a bit cerebral but I did enjoy exploring this concept and creating this bracelet.

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