Thank you from The Bird & I Crafts


Thank you to all who actually found and supported our fledging Facebook page activated in March 2013… and now this word press blog started April 2013…..yeah, we are late bloomers….:D
Thank you for making use of our promotion coupon. To those who have followed our Etsy store or our Ebay listings since 2008, many thanks for these many years of support. Your patronage is very much appreciated. I am truly grateful for the 100% positive feedback you have given me for both my etsy store and my ebay seller rating. At ebay, we are now at 647* and its 100% positive. So, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

And if you have not found our Facebook page yet, I urge you to come by and Like us and copy down the promotion code. The promotion code is up for a limited time only but the code can be used repeatedly till end of 2013 at our Etsy store

If you shop with us on ebay or other online markets, I haven’t found a way to make the code work yet (sorry, very technically challenged!), but if you copy down the code and email me, I will send you your discount via Pay Pal refund.

We will have many new listings and new designs in the Fall when jewelry season starts again. Meanwhile, I am re-making some of these jewelry pieces which seem to be popular. So, do please come by and visit!

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